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Official Deed Poll ( Your 'Change of Name Deed' Deed Poll Service

odp-indexOfficial Deed Poll ( is a the leading Deed Poll service to officially change your name.  We are the official Deed Poll supplier of Adamatech Associates. As a part of the comprehensive service we provide, all our Deed Poll documents and legal copies are guaranteed to be accepted by all UK governmental organisations. More specifically, our 'Change of Name Deed', as a Deed Poll document is more formally known, is guaranteed to be accepted by all organisations and companies.  


Deed Poll Service - £11.99

Legally change your name by deed poll from just £13.99. Your deed poll documents will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours of placing your ordering.

If you want to change your name, take on a completely new name, change your surname, go back to a maiden name, you can do all this, quickly and simply, by using a Deed Poll document.

You can apply using our online application process, it costs you just £13.99, free postage, and the online application only takes a few minutes.

We will send you professionally prepared and drafted Deed Poll documents, within 1 working day of placing your order. We use Royal Mail 1st Class Post only for our deliveries.

Prices and Service


Deed Poll Order- What will you receive?

We provide everything you need in order to officially change your name and update all of your official records within weeks. We provide the following; 

  • Your Deed Poll Document
  • Any Legal Copies Requested (We recommend 4-9) 
  • Free 1st Class Delivery 
  • Easy to Follow Instructions 
  • Template forms to help you change your name 

All Deed Poll documents and legal copies are prepared on high quality textured and watermarked paper, bearing our company authentication seal and watermark. They are delivered in hardback envelopes to protect the documents.  The envelopes are plain and unmarked for confidentiality.


What is a Deed Poll?

Deed Poll DocumentsSimply put, the Deed Poll document is a legal document that allows you to officially change your name. It's only conditions are that you change your name for all intents and purposes and not to deceive or defraud anyone.

All our Deed Poll documents and the legal copies are prepared on high quality 100 gsm textured paper and bear our official stamp and watermark. They are you fully guaranteed legal documents.

If your age is 16 years or above, you can apply as an adult using the Adult Application form.  If you are under 16 years of age then a parent or legal guardian needs to apply for you and they will need to use the Child Application form.


What are Legal Copies?

A legal copy of your deed poll is a genuine copy of your original Deed Poll document, issued by us, with our company seal and watermark.  Many organisations, in particular governmental and financial ones will not accept a photocopy of your Deed Poll document.

Legal CopiesThe legal copy is accepted by all organisations as if it were the original document. If you have multiple legal copies it makes the process of changing your name much quicker and easier.  It also means you can keep the Deed Poll document itself at home, safe, and not lost of damaged in the post.

When you place your order, it works our a lot cheaper, ordering the legal copies at the same time, rather than if you order additional documents later on.  That is why we recommend you get as a minimum the 5 pack or 10 pack.  The 5 pack provides you with the Deed Poll document and 4 legal copies, the 10 pack provides you with the Ded Poll document and 9 legal copies.

Please bear in mind that not ordering the legal copies, may delay your changing your name and having all official records updated with your new name by several weeks to months.


Free First Class Delivery

Free DeliveryOnce we receive your order, your Deed Poll documents and legal copies are professionally processed and drafted by experts in the field of Deed Poll documentation.  Your documents are ready for posting the next morning.

We post your Deed Poll documents via 1st class Royal Mail. Postage is free so you only pay the price you see.  You receive the documents within 1-2 days working days.

Once you receive and sign the Deed Poll documents, your name changes and can get all your official documents such as passports, driving licence changed over, very quickly.


Professionally Created Deed Poll

Professional ServiceOur legal experts in Deed Poll documentation check every order making sure the documents you get are fit for purpose.  With years of experience in the field, we know the change of name process inside out.

When you receive the order, you can have full confidence that the Deed Poll documentation and legal copies, have been professional created, using the latest technology and checked by experts, so that they will be accepted by all organisations.

We don't use paralegals, we use experts in the field of change of name law.


100% Guarantee of Acceptance

Money-Back GuaranteeWe guarantee our Deed Poll documents to be accepted by all organisation. That means they will be accepted by the Passport Office, DVLA, HMRC, your bank, doctors, school, indeed organisation legitimately holding records on you.

What's more is that we also guarantee all our legal copies, in the same way we guarantee our Deed Poll documents. That means, you can send the legal copies and keep the Deed Poll document safe at home. provides a guaranteed, quick and affordable way to legally change your name. To back this up we provide our 100% no quible guarantee for full 60 days, with 100% satisfaction.


Apply Online Today

Apply today and receive your Deed Poll documents.  It only takes 5 minutes to complete the Application form.  Once this is completed you will receive an e-mail order confirmation with your Order Reference Number and Order Details.

All orders are delivered by 1st Class Post.

Prices and Service


Buy With Confidence - PayPal Certified

PayPal CertifiedYou can pay by PayPal or Credit/Debit card and buy with total confidence. You don't need a PayPal account.

We are PayPal Verified and PayPal Certified. Your guarantee of satisfaction.