About Us

The Official Deed Poll Site (officialdeedpoll.com) is a Premier Deed Poll service provider here to help you to officially change your name. It does this by providing you with fully legal and authentic Deed Polls documents.

“officialdeedpoll.com” is the official Deed Poll service site of Adamatech Associates, operated by Adamatech Associates. Adamatech Associates company office is located at:

Adamatech Associates
Stamford House,
Cross Stamford Street,
LS7 1BA,


If you have any queries or need to contact us then use the "Contact Us" form.  This will ensure a swift response usually within 24 hours of any working day of raising the query.  If you choose to contact us via postal mail, it can take upto 21 days.  This is because we are an online based service and in order to provide great value for money, we limit the resources allocated to dealing with postal mail.  This is to ensure that our customers get a good quality service and very good value for money.