What is Executing a Deed Poll?

Once a Deed Poll is drafted, that is prepared, it needs to be executed. This simply means that the Deed Poll needs to be signed in the presence of a witness and dated. The witness also needs to sign and date the Deed Poll to confirm that you have sign the Deed Poll document in their presence.

Once the Deed Poll has been executed, i.e. is signed and dated, it is ready for use.  The executed Deed Poll document officially commits you to:

  • Renouncing and abandoning the use of your former name
  • Using your new name at all times, as your proper name
  • Requiring that everybody addresses you by your new name

Official Deed Poll (officialdeedpoll.com) Your 'Change of Name Deed' Deed Poll Service

odp-indexOfficial Deed Poll (officialdeedpoll.com) is a the leading Deed Poll service to officially change your name.  We are the official Deed Poll supplier of Adamatech Associates. As a part of the comprehensive service we provide, all our Deed Poll documents and legal copies are guaranteed to be accepted by all UK governmental organisations. More specifically, our 'Change of Name Deed', as a Deed Poll document is more formally known, is guaranteed to be accepted by all organisations and companies.  


Are Deed Deed Poll Documents Registered Anywhere?

Although we keep records of all Change of Name Deed Poll documents we issue, we do not run a central register for all Deed Polls.  In fact there is no a central register for Change of Name Deed Poll documents within the United Kingdom and Deed Poll documents once executed, i.e. signed and witnessed, do not need to be registered anywhere.  Once executed they are ready for you to use to get your name details changed over with name record holders.

British citizens living in the UK

If you are a British citizen living within the UK then you generally do not need a solicitor or a notary public to witness your signing of the Deed Poll document, i.e. your execution of your Deed Poll documents.