Are Deed Deed Poll Documents Registered Anywhere?

Although we keep records of all Change of Name Deed Poll documents we issue, we do not run a central register for all Deed Polls.  In fact there is no a central register for Change of Name Deed Poll documents within the United Kingdom and Deed Poll documents once executed, i.e. signed and witnessed, do not need to be registered anywhere.  Once executed they are ready for you to use to get your name details changed over with name record holders.


What is enrolment of Deed Polls?

Enrolling is a special process involving lodging the Deed Poll document with the Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature, located within the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London. Part of the enrolment process involves publishing your name and address details on the London Gazette's website. The enrolled Deed Poll records held in the court are then transferred for archiving to the National Archives, located at Kew in Surrey.

Prices and Service


If you decide to enrol your Deed Poll then you need to bear in mind that this is a time consuming process and involves significantly greater costs than just getting a Deed Poll document.  It is also a much slower process and the costs incurred in enrolling should be considered in terms of purchasing the Deed Poll document, enrolling it and publishing your details on the London Gazette.  This cost is in terms of money and time.  It also entails making your personal details a matter of public record when they are published in the London Gazette and the consequential loss of privacy.

We as a matter of policy do not enrol Deed Poll documents, nor is there any requirement to do so.