Child Deed Polls

A child under the age of 16 is referred to as a minor.  To change the name of a minor, someone over the age of 16 needs to change their name for them.  The person changing the name of a minor needs to be the parent or legal guardian.  The parent or legal guardian needs to have what is described as “parental responsibility” for the child to be able to legally change their name. The parent, a legal guardian or adult with parental responsibility for a child under the age of 16, would need to apply to change the name of a child under the age of 16.

 Changing the Name of Children under 16

childdeedpollTo legally change the name of a child under the age of 16, everyone with parental responsibility for the child needs to provide parental consent. If you have sole parental responsibility for your child this is straightforward and you do not need to obtain the consent of anyone else.

If you do not have sole parental responsibility for the child, but share this with someone else, such as another parent, then you will need a letter of consent which should be signed by everyone with parental responsibility for the child.
When you purchase one of our child 'Change of Name Deed' (Deed Poll) documents, we provide you with free template letters/consent forms that you can use, to show consent of all the people with parental responsibility to the change in name of your child.  The template letters/consent forms are provided as a part of our normal service to you, free of charge, unlike most other suppliers.

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You will need to use the appropriate template letter/form of consent along with the Deed Poll document to get your child's name changed. We provide, free of charge, a collection of template consent letters and forms so you can select the one that is appropriate to your needs. There is no danger of you ordering the wrong consent letter or form and then having to pay again to get the right one. What's more when you order the Deed Poll for your child with us, you get the collection of parental responsibility template letters/forms absolutely free! Parental responsibility refers to having the responsibility for, and the right to be consulted about the child's health, education and welfare. This is normally the parent or the legal guardian of the child.

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