Widowed – A Woman’s Rights

If a woman is widowed then she can keep her married name or if she wishes she can revert back to her maiden name. If she wants to revert back to her maiden name then she can use her husband’s death certificate and her marriage certificate as documentary evidence to change her married name back to maiden name. This is because the marriage certificate retains details of her maiden name. Governmental departments and organizations would accept the death certificate and marriage certificate as sufficient evidence to change her name details from her married name to her maiden name. However, some banks and financial institutions may not.

Why Change Your Name?

Using our legal Deed Poll documents you can officially change your name.  There are a number of reasons for changing your name. Many people choose to change a part of their name or the whole of their name. Examples of these name changes using a Deed Poll may be:


General Reasons For Changing Your Name

      • People who dislike their name, maybe find them embarrassing
      • Correcting a misspelling of a name, or changing the spelling of an existing name
      • People wanting a double-barrelled surname

Restrictions on the name you can have

Within the United Kingdom, there are no restrictions in law on what is deemed to be a suitable name, but there are a few names that would not legally acceptable.  We will not accept any names that in our opinion are blasphemous, that are likely to cause offense such as being religiously or racially offensive or that are unpronounceable.

What part of the name can you change?

The Official Deed Poll site (officialdeedpoll.com) fully guarantees its Deed Poll documents, so you can painlessly change your forename, middle names, surname or even change your whole name, in full confidence and without any worry. You can:

  • Change your Title
  • Change your forename or first name
  • Change your surname
  • Remove middle name(s)

Legally Changing your Name

Thousands of people change their names legally using Change of Name Deeds or Deed Polls as they are less formally known. The "Official Deed Poll" (officialdeedpoll.com) site provides you with services that covers everything you need to officially change your name.