How Long Does It Take To Change Your Name?

Once you receive the Deed Poll document and execute it, i.e. sign it and have the signing witnessed, your name is officially change and you have legal documentation to prove that you have changed your name. Supplying the Deed Poll documentation is something we provide for you and this is the most important legal part of the process.  We ensure that the documentation you have is fit for purpose and you can use it to officially change your name. Once you place your order you receive the paperwork within 1-2 working days.  Your name is officially changed within 2 -3 working days, as soon as you sign the legal Deed Poll documents.

However, once you have signed the Deed Poll documentation, you need to ensure that all organisations holding records on you are informed of your name change and you are issued the official documents in your new name, such as your Passport and Driving Licence.  This part the process varies from individual to individual depending on what records need to be changed over and how busy the particular name record holders are at that time. Name record holders are oganisations holding records on you, for example, your doctor, the Passport Office, DVLA, etc.

For example the Passport Office, which normally takes the longest time, provides different levels of service.  If you apply using their standard service they aim to have your passport with you within 3 weeks but during season peaks this may take significantly longer.  Using the one-week fast track service you could have your passport in a week. If you use the one-day premium service you can get your passport the same day.

You should be able to get all your name details changed over within 2-6 weeks.  We supply a comprehensive list of all records you need to get changed over into your new name, in our information pack which we supply free of charge with each Deed Poll application.

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Speeding Up the Process

Legal CopiesIt will considerably speed up your name change inot the new name, if you purchase a number of legal copies. All  Our legal copies are covered under our comprehensive 100% money back guarantee, just like the Deed Poll document itself and can be used in the same way as the Deed Poll document.  They are guaranteed to be accepted by all organisations and bear our company authentication seal and watermark.

The legal copies mean you can keep the Deed Poll document safely at home and use the legal copies to get all your name details changed over and new official documents issued to you in your new name, such as your passport and driving licence.  The main advantage of having a number of legal copies is that you do not have to wait for one Deed Poll or legal copy to be returned back to you before you can send it to the next place.  This approach can reduce the time taken from a few months to a couple of weeks.