Legally Changing your Name

Thousands of people change their names legally using Change of Name Deeds or Deed Polls as they are less formally known. The "Official Deed Poll" ( site provides you with services that covers everything you need to officially change your name.

Change Your Official DocumentsIt is important to note that the Deed Poll  document needed to legally change your name, is only the first step, though inevitably the most important. This is because the Deed Poll document provides documentary evidence of your change of name.  This documentary evidence can be used to official change your name on documents held by record holders, such as the The Passport Office, Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA), Inland Revenue, Banks etc. It is used to get your official documents changed over and issued into your new name, such as the Passport, Driving Licence, etc.

Once you receive your Deed Poll documents from us,you will need to execute them and then use them to change everything into your new name.


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