Restrictions on the name you can have

Within the United Kingdom, there are no restrictions in law on what is deemed to be a suitable name, but there are a few names that would not legally acceptable.  We will not accept any names that in our opinion are blasphemous, that are likely to cause offense such as being religiously or racially offensive or that are unpronounceable.

The following names would not be suitable and we would not accept them as suitable names.  The list is for general guidance and is not exhaustive:

  • Names with numbers instead or letters, i.e. alphabetic characters
  • Names with symbols in them
  • Names that are generally unpronounceable such as due to numbers and symbols contained in them
  • Names that encourage or promote religious or racial hatred
  • Names that may intent to mock, insult or cause offense to a particular individual or group of people
  • Names that are blasphemous or are considered to be blasphemous by any of the major religions
  • Names that are considered to be lewd, vulgar, offensive or insulting
  • Names that promote illegal or criminal activities
  • Names that may infer a rank or title, whether conferred or inherited, such as the first name  being changed to Lord or Sir
  • Names that do not have at least one first name and one last name.

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Other than the above, you can pretty much change your name to anything as long as it is not with the intention to commit an illegal activity, i.e. deceive or defraud any individual or organisation or to avoid an obligation due upon you.

Please note that we do not keep a list of legally unacceptable or offensive names, so it is your responsibility to choose a name that is legally acceptable and not offensive.

Official Deed Poll takes no responsibility for the legality of any name you choose for yourself and our issuing of a Deed Poll in your chosen name does not confer approval or endorsement of your choice of name.


Age Requirements to Legally Change your Name

To legally change your name to a new name, you must be over 16 years of age. If you want to change the name of someone under the age of 16, a “Minor”, then the Minor needs a person over the age of 16, who has Parental Responsibility over them to change their name.  The person with parental responsibility is normally the parent, legal guardian or an adult given parental responsibility through an order of the court.