Why Change Your Name?

Using our legal Deed Poll documents you can officially change your name.  There are a number of reasons for changing your name. Many people choose to change a part of their name or the whole of their name. Examples of these name changes using a Deed Poll may be:


General Reasons For Changing Your Name

      • People who dislike their name, maybe find them embarrassing
      • Correcting a misspelling of a name, or changing the spelling of an existing name
      • People wanting a double-barrelled surname
      • People anglicising their names to make them easier to pronounce or who want to avoid discrimination
      • People who have taken on a name by usage, a name different to their birth name, as shown on their birth certificate, and now wanting to formalise it using a Deed Poll
      • People who change their religion and want their name to be more appropriate for their new religion
      • People wanting different and unusual or fun names
      • Entertainers taking on new names, or their stage names, as their official name


Changing Name Due to a New Relationship

      • A man or woman wanting to take on their partners name to show love and affection without having to get married
      • A woman changing her surname to her new partners and taking on a Mrs title without the undertaking of an official marriage under law
      • A woman married but not under English law, wanting to take her partners surname and Mrs title
      • A mother wanting to change her child’s name to her new partner’s surname forming a new family unit
      • A woman wanting to keep her maiden name as her middle name whilst taking her husband’s last name
      • Partners wanting to mesh their existing surnames together to form a new surname
      • Husband and wife wanting to incorporate one another’s name into their own
      • Changing the children’s name due to a new partnership or marriage into the new partners surname


Changing Name Due to Separation

      • A woman upon separation or divorce wanting to revert back to her maiden name
      • A woman reverting back to her maiden name without wanting to wait for the divorce to be finalised
      • A woman wanting to revert back to her maiden name but cannot do so officially because she is not able to complete her divorce, for whatever reason
      • A mother wanting to change her child’s name to her maiden name


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