Change of Name Deed as a Legal Document

 A change of Name Deed or deed poll as it is less formally known is a legal agreement in writing, a form of legal contract, which unlike a standard contract, is only concerned with one person. It is only signed by one person in the presence of a witness, the person changing their name. The Deed Poll is none the less legally binding and binds the signing individual to a particular course of action detailed within the Deed Poll document.

Deed Poll DocumentsWithin the UK a Deed Poll acts as a legal document, much the same, as a Marriage Certificate or Decree Absolute. It acts as legal documentation, i.e. documentary evidence enabling you to get your  official records updated to show your new name. Government departments, agencies, companies and organisations need a Deed Poll to officially change an individual’s name. A Deed Poll allows you to legally and officially change your name.

A Deed Poll allows an individual to change any part of their name or the whole of their name. This may be as little as a changing a few characters in the spelling of the name, to as much as a completely new name.


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