What is a Deed Poll

deed poll documentsA Deed Poll document is also known as “change of name deed” and “Deed of change of name”. It is a legal document which enables you to formally change your name. It is not a certificate but rather a form of contract that legally binds you to a course of abandoning your former name, taking on a new name and requiring that everyone addresses you by your new name only.

You can change your name by Deed Poll and using our official Deed Poll, changing your name is actually quite easy. You may want to change your name completely or only change a part of your name.

The Deed Poll is an official legal document which means that it needs to be legally valid, appropriate and generally accepted for the purpose of changing your name. We ensure and guarantee all our Deed Polls are just that. Not only that, we guarantee they will be accepted by all UK government departments, agencies , companies and organisations and give a money back guarantee to back that up.

Once you receive our official Deed Poll you need to execute it (sign it and have the signing witnessed). This allows you to use the Deed Poll to provide documentary evidence of your change of name. Our Deed Poll documents are recognised and accepted by all governmental departments, agencies, companies and organisations throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, indeed throughout the United Kingdom. They are also accepted by all British Embassies and High Commissions around the world.


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Using our Deed Poll you can change your first name, change your middle name or change your surname. You can even change your title. Our Adult Deed Poll documents allow you to do that.

Using our child Deed Poll a parent or legal guardian can change any part of the name of an under 16 year old. For this you need to apply for a Child Deed Poll document.