How Does Our Deed Poll Process Work?

To apply for a Deed Poll document you need to use the online application forms.  The online Deed Poll application process itself is fairly simple and straight forward.

Changing your name and all your records such as your passport, driving license etc. is a 2 Step process (see below).  Step 1 is completed within 2-3 working days.  Step 2 depends upon how busy the name record holders are and how many places you need to change your name at.  It also depends upon how many legal copies you buy, generally the more legal copies you have the quicker it will be.

 The 2 step process of getting your name changed is as follows:


Step 1

  • You select the type of service and Deed Poll document you require
  • You complete the application form and make payment
  • You get an order confirmation email within 5 minutes of making the application.
  • You receive the Deed Poll document order through the mail

Step 1 is generally completed within a few working days of you making your application online.  It results in your Deed Poll documents being issued to you by 1st class mail.


Step 2:

  • You execute the Deed Poll documents you receive from us, i.e. sign them and have the signing witnessed
  • You notify the name record holders of your change of name.  You do this by sending the executed (signed) Deed Poll document to them
  • They update their records with your new name and return your Deed Poll or legal copy back to you, so that you can use it again when necessary
  • You keep your Deed Poll documentation safe as evidence of your change of name for future reference

The period taken by Stage 2 may vary and depends upon a number of factors:

  • how many records you need to change over into your new name
  • how busy the name record holders are, such as the Passport Office, the DVLA, the bank etc.
  • how many legal copies you have, the more you have the faster it will be

Typically Step 2 can take from 2-6 weeks.  

Prices and Service


How to Speed Things Up

You can significantly reduce the time taken in Stage 2 by ordering a number of legal copies of the Deed Poll documentation along with the original Deed Poll document.  Once executed, i.e. signed, these legal copies of the Deed Poll document act just like the original Deed Poll document and can be sent to the various name record holders at the same time.  This is significantly quicker than you using 1 Deed Poll document, sending it to 1 name record holder and then waiting for it to be returned before you can use it again by sending it to the next name record holder. This can add several weeks or months to the whole process. Using the legal copies substantially reduces the time taken.

It also works out a lot cheaper getting the additional legal copies at the same time as your order your Deed Poll document!, rather than ordering them afterwards.

A name record holder is any company or organisation that legitimately holds records with your name, such as the government, banks, doctors etc.


Confirmation Email

The confirmation email contains details you supplied on the application form so that you can rectify any errors prior the the Deed Poll order being posted out to you, by getting in touch with us before the next working day.

The confirmation email also has various attachments such as template forms and letters that form a part of the free 'Information Pack'.  These template forms and letters are designed for your convenience, to help you get your name details changed over.  All you do is select the appropriate form or letter, edit the details to suit your details and print it out.  The template forms and letters with your details are now ready for use!


Information pack

With every order we also send you a free Information Pack.  This provides instructions on how to execute your Deed Poll documents and information on what you need to do.  The Information Pack also contain a list of 'People to Notify' and template letters and forms to help you get your name changed over quickly and easily. The Information Pack, through popular demand, including the free template letters and forms, is now sent in an electronic format.  The electronic format means you can amend the details on the template letters and forms to your own details and and use them.