Standard Deed Poll Service

If you are changing your name for the first time or you are just taking on a new name then you need to use the Standard Deed Poll Service. This is an automated service so if you require additional bespoke work doing to the document, such as showing additional name changes then please use the 'Replacement Deed Poll Service' which is costed to allow for manual amendment work to be done to the documents.

 Standard Deed Poll Service
(New Change of Name)


Deed Poll Pack

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1 Deed Poll


1 Deed Poll + 4 Legal Copies


1 Deed Poll + 9 Legal Copies


1 Deed Poll + 19 Legal Copies


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Step 1

  • You select the Deed Poll documents you require
  • You complete the application form and make payment
  • You get an order confirmation email within 5 minutes of making the application
  • You receive the Deed Poll document order through the mail

Step 1 is generally completed within a few working days of you making your application online.  It results in your Deed Poll documents being issued to you by 1st class mail.


Step 2:

  • You execute the Deed Poll documents you receive from us, i.e. sign them and have the signing witnessed
  • You notify the name record holders of your change of name.  You do this by sending the executed (signed) Deed Poll document to them
  • They update their records with your new name and return your Deed Poll or legal copy back to you, so that you can use it again when necessary
  • You keep your Deed Poll documentation safe as evidence of your change of name for future reference

The period taken by Stage 2 may vary and depends upon a number of factors:

  • how many records you need to change over into your new name
  • how busy the name record holders are, such as the Passport Office, the DVLA, the bank etc.
  • how many legal copies you have, the more you have the faster it will be

Typically Step 2 can take from 2-6 weeks.  


How to Speed Things Up

You can significantly reduce the time taken in Step 2 by ordering a number of extra legal copies.  Once executed, i.e. signed, these legal copies can be used just as the Deed Poll itself. They can be sent to a number of name record holders at the same time, thus significantly reducing the overall time taken.

It also works out a lot cheaper getting the additional legal copies at the same time as your order your Deed Poll document!, rather than ordering them afterwards.

A name record holder is any company or organisation that legitimately holds records with your name, such as the government, banks, doctors etc.